Boost your team with a mindfulness or relaxation group workshop. An opportunity for employees and teams to reduce stress, feel more relaxed, reconnect, and increase happiness.

  • Are you a company wanting to give back to your employees and improve work performance and team morale?
  • Do you have a group of like-minded friends wishing to feel a greater sense of connectedness and well-being?
  • Do you have an upcoming event that would benefit from group relaxation sessions?

Catered to your group's requirements

The workshops are designed to work on stress relief, relaxing nerves, releasing tension and implementing focus, calm and motivation. Sometimes we need to feel less isolated in our quest for well-being and to connect to others on our journey, the workshops are also a great way to find balance and gain a sense of belonging within a group environment.

What happens in a workshop?

The workshops are hour long sessions and can be customised to each group's individual needs.
An example of a previous relaxation group for busy mums :

  • Stress relief breathing techniques
  • Discussing finding time to ourselves and self-care/ ways to recharge at work and at home
  • Teaching self-hypnosis with a 5-10 minute easy visualisation for focus and calm
  • 20-30 minute guided group meditation for deep relaxation
  • Hand-outs with the techniques taught in the group

If you think you might benefit from one of my workshops get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The relaxation workshop really helped me to take time out from a busy day and to slow life down. I was able to stop for a moment and breathe!

Zara K - busy mum Primary School Workshop